HEIDENHAIN at your service

At HEIDENHAIN, we understand that uptime and motion control can be two of the most critical factors to success. Our product and technical support is a simple phone call away – (847) 490 1191, contact us here.


Our regionalized service team is professional, technically proficient and knowledgeable about issues that may arise with any of the products across our vast offering, from the most advanced CNC control to the smallest encoder.

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Training resources

In the modern marketplace technical know-how and continuing education are two of the keys to a company’s success—and that of its employees. We regularly offer a wide range of courses, from installation to programming, for distributors, OEMs and end users.

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Key contacts

Encoders & Digital Read Outs
(847) 490-0351 ext. 1 techsupporthc@heidenhain.com

(847) 490-0351 ext. 2 tncservice@heidenhain.com

Machine Down Urgent Requests
(847) 490-0351 ext. 3 machinedownhc@heidenhain.com

ACU-RITE MillPwr Controls
(847) 490-0351 ext. 4 millpwrservice@heidenhain.com

Service Administration
(847) 490-0351 ext. 5 serviceadminhc@heidenhain.com

Metrology Systems/Quadra Chek DRO’s
(847) 490-0351 ext. 7 metrologyhc@heidenhain.com

Have an existing system that isn’t performing up to your standards? Contact us here for help finding a solution from the HEIDENHAIN family of brands’ diverse product offering.