HEIDENHAIN is a world-leading provider of encoders, machine controls, touch probes, digital readouts and metrology solutions—empowering engineers facing demanding applications that require nanometer-level precision and unyielding reliability.

For more than 125 years, HEIDENHAIN has delivered the trusted precision measurement and motion control solutions behind the machines and devices that move us forward. Our technology enables everything from improved manufacturing processes to safer, more reliable medical diagnostics—and we’ve perfected the delicate balance of cutting-edge innovation and universal compatibility.

The HEIDENHAIN family of brands – the world’s leading choice for motion control solutions

Leading technology for complete, high-performance motion systems, motors and control software

Core products

  • Linear motors
  • Torque motors
  • Position controllers
  • Motion control software

Right-fit flexibility and value for myriad applications

Core products

  • Linear encoders
  • Modular angle encoders
  • Cable systems

American-made technology for enhanced shop-floor productivity

Core products

  • Digital readouts (DRO)
  • CNC controls/retrofits

Compact, cost-effective reliability for general automation

Core products

  • Optical rotary encoders

Rugged, reliable performance for the harshest environments

Core products

  • Heavy-duty, harsh-environment encoders

Flexible options for contaminated environments

Core products

  • Modular constructed linear and angle encoders with inductive sensing

Highly compact, lightweight precision for the semiconductor industry and beyond

Core products

  • Customizable linear and rotary encoders

A diverse line of products and engineering services for customized technology solutions

Core products

  • Slip rings
  • Resolvers
  • Rotary encoders

Counted on, the world over

HEIDENHAIN products are used in the most demanding environments to help accomplish humanity’s most impactful breakthroughs. From mountain-top telescopes to autonomous seafloor exploration, and everything in between, we’re here to tackle the world’s motion control challenges.

Who we serve

Our mission

As the bedrock of engineering and innovation for its brands, HEIDENHAIN is driven by deep R&D capabilities and a desire to do what’s right (not just what’s profitable) for the future of motion control technology. HEIDENHAIN’s portfolio of brands enables nanometer precision and unrivaled reliability—so engineers can push the envelope of technological possibility.

Progress is at our core

At HEIDENHAIN, we’re in a unique position to put R&D before net profit: In 1970, company founder Dr. Johannes Heidenhain placed his shares of the company into a foundation, enabling HEIDENHAIN to invest extensively in exciting new technologies. The result? Game-changing innovations that help our customers and their end-users gain an edge in competitive, ever-changing industries.

Member associations

American Society of Precision Engineering
German American Chamber of Commerce
ISA Automation
Society of Manufacturing Engineers
IEEE Industry Applications Society
Society of Petroleum Engineers