Digital Shop Floor software

Gain a 360° view of your shop floor. The software products of the Digital Shop Floor from HEIDENHAIN model your entire CNC process chain, from job orders to machine maintenance. You won’t need Cloud computing or be tied to a specific machine manufacturer or type of control.

Collect, evaluate, and visualize machine data with StateMonitor

Optimize your production environment through a real-time view of your manufacturing processes. StateMonitor makes this possible, letting you intuitively monitor your machines on a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Simply open the “Status” view for an overview of machine statuses, program duration, tool usage, and machine signals.

Key features: 

  • Overview of machine statuses for all of your machines
  • Maintenance planning and notification about malfunctions
  • KPI data collection and analysis

Compatible with the following interfaces:  

  • OPC UA
  • MTConnect
  • Modbus/TCP

Collect machine data using any control with the StateMonitor software