Programming stations for lathe and milling controls

Available programming stations

  • Free demo version
  • Full version, single station license
  • Full version, 14-station network license
  • Full version, 20-station network license
  • With a virtual keyboard or TNC operating panel

The programming station reduces machine idle time by allowing programs to be created, tested and optimized away from the machine. Its keyboad is based on the machine’s keyboard, thereby ensuring a short learning curve.

Reliable simulations

HEIDENHAIN programming stations are based on the software used by our controls. Since the processes for programming and program verification are identical on both, programs created on the programming station are sure to run smoothly on the machine.

Realistic simulation graphics

The programming station’s detailed simulation graphics provide a realistic machining preview, allowing users to ensure smooth maching, proper programming and desired surface quality prior to machining.

Free trial version

You can try the programming station software for an unlimited time as a free demo version featuring nearly all of the control’s functions, as well as functionality for saving short programs. No sign-up is necessary.

Digital Twin

The Digital Twin realistically models your machine on a programming station, making your machine’s real-life kinematics, parameters, and functions accessible from the office. The HEIDENHAIN Service department first creates a backup of your machine that you can easily upload to your programming station.

Convenient installation

The programming station runs within a virtual software environment, thus allowing you to install multiple programming stations on a single PC. Installation runs automatically on computers featuring a Windows operating system. For more information, read the FAQs and system requirements.

Free demo version

Download the free demo version of the programming station, without time limits or needing to register. Even the demo version contains the original software, so you program just like on your actual control.