AEF 1300 series

Absolute rotary encoders with integral bearing

  • Wide axial tolerance of up to ±0.5 mm or ±1.5 mm
  • Tapered shaft
  • Positioning accuracy of down to ±20″
  • 8,388,608 positions/rev.
  • Max. operating temperature: 100 °C
  • Evaluation of different external temperature sensors
  • Interfaces: EnDat and SSI
  • Housing diameter ≈ 56 mm
Robust design

The tapered shaft allows the rotary encoder to be directly coupled to the mating shaft. No additional rotor coupling is required. The resulting high rigidity permits higher bandwidths in the control loop, reduces inaccuracy, and simplifies installation.

Flexible coupling

The stator coupling compensates for play between the motor and the rotary encoder, thereby reliably correcting inaccuracy. Even tilt and axial play can be compensated for. The stator coupling also permits very easy mounting, as well as compatibility with the ECI/EBI/EQI 1300 series.

Proven standard

The rotary encoders of this series offer high reliability and perfected technology in a highly robust design. For decades, large numbers of them have successfully proven themselves in industries round the world.

Product variants

You will be forwarded to the HEIDENHAIN corporate site to view a list of product variants and their documents.