TNC 320 contouring control

Added value for the machine

  • 6 control loops, including up to 2 spindles
  • Convenient programming in HEIDENHAIN Klartext or with G codes
  • Extensive machining and touch-probe cycle packages
  • Fast block processing time (3 ms)
  • Analog control technology
Realistic simulations

Detailed graphical simulations provide a precise and realistic machining preview, revealing ahead of time whether all required program entries are in place, whether machining operations will run smoothly, and whether surfaces will attain the desired quality.

Shop-friendly programming

These practical controls from HEIDENHAIN are designed to be programmed directly on the machine. Informative dialog guidance and detailed help graphics provide optimal support for each entry. Of course, the TNC can also be programmed with G codes.

Everything in view

During program execution, the TNC 320 displays various statuses, revealing information about the tool, program, cycles, and machining time. As a result, all important process data are continuously available and intuitively displayed in groups.

TNC 320: smart modernization

Klartext Portal: the informational site about HEIDENHAIN controls

The Klartext Portal is full of practical programming and machining tips, including detailed information about functions and product innovations.

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