RCN 8001 series

Absolute angle encoders for high productivity

  • System accuracy of ±1” / ±2”
  • Integrated stator coupling
  • Hollow through shaft with ∅ 60 mm / ∅ 100 mm
  • Position values per revolution: 29 bits
  • High permissible shaft speeds
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Interfaces: EnDat 2.2, Fanuc Serial Interface αi, Mitsubishi high speed interface
  • Available with functional safety
High permissible shaft speeds

With a purely serial interface, the RCN 8001 series angle encoders permit shaft speeds of up to 1500 rpm, enabling applications that are both highly dynamic and highly accurate.

Easy temperature measurement

Temperature evaluation for the direct drive motor windings can be performed in combination with the EIB 5200 sensor box from HEIDENHAIN. The temperature data and position data are transmitted to the control via the purely digital interface.

Very high accuracy

The RCN 8001 series angle encoders feature a high line count of 32,768 lines and excellent signal quality. Low motor current noise and smooth operating behavior are the benefits, especially in rotary axes powered by direct drive motors.

Reliable scanning

Thanks to optimized scanning, even liquid contamination and condensation have very little effect on the scanning signals or motor control. Disturbances in the machining process caused by encoder contamination are thereby largely avoided.

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