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IBV 600, IBV 100, EXE 100, and IBV 3000 series

Signal converters with incremental interface at the input and output

  • Different design options: connector version or robust housing
  • Up to 400-fold interpolation possible with the IBV series
  • Support for limit position signals with the IBV 3000 series
Reliable and well-matched

The signal converters are optimally matched to the HEIDENHAIN encoders and can be configured to meet the requirements of the subsequent electronics. Pre-configurable interpolation factors allow for a wide variety of applications.

Built for long-term operation

The interpolation and digitizing electronics of the IBV 600, IBV 100, and EXE 100 series can handle harsh daily shopfloor conditions thanks to a dust-proof, water-resistant housing design with an IP65 rating.

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