Machine tools

Products from HEIDENHAIN, along with its AMO, ETEL, and RSF brands, are used in a variety of machining equipment.
Milling and turning machines top the list, joined by machines for grinding, EDM, laser cutting, waterjet cutting, sheet-metal bending, and 3D printing.

Rotary encoders, angle encoders, and linear encoders position rotary and linear axes with extreme accuracy. Grid encoders and touch probes measure the machine, workpiece, or tool. Motors, drives, and controller technology accurately and dynamically move axes and tools along the desired path. Milling and turning controls provide the shopfloor user with exceptional support in solving a wide variety of machining challenges.

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Milling machines
Turning machines
Grinding machines and other types

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Work more accurately
Manufacture with process reliability
Cut more efficiently
Network intelligently
Automate flexibly
Master 5-axis machining

Accuracy, process reliability, efficiency, digitalization, and automation: discover our solutions for the most important machine tool topics.

Work more accurately

Jig grinding with the TNC 640: achieve perfect finishes in a single setup

Greater machining efficiency

Always mill with optimal cutting data: trochoidal milling with OCM for any pocket or island

TNC Club: efficient learning opportunities for control operators

The TNC Club is the meeting point for experts, with extensive learning opportunities to help users of HEIDENHAIN controls perform machining operations more efficiently.
Club members benefit from special training courses, events, and workshops for deepening their knowledge of controls.

Network intelligently

The advantages of digitalized and automated manufacturing

Find out more about automation

Many automation solutions utilize HEIDENHAIN products such as the innovative KCI 120 Dplus dual encoder for motor feedback and position measurement, all in a single rotary encoder for advanced robotics applications. Visit these pages to discover more about it, along with many other products and applications:

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