LS 400 series

Incremental linear encoders with slimline scale housing

  • For linear axes up to 2040 mm long
  • Compact design for limited installation space
  • Particularly easy installation with mounting rail
  • Interfaces: 1 VPP and TTL
High contamination tolerance

A proven seal design optimally protects the LS 400 encoders from contamination. Their wide scanning field further reduces contamination sensitivity. Localized impurities on the measuring standard have very little influence on signal quality or measurement accuracy.

Easy installation

Linear encoders from HEIDENHAIN are very installer-friendly. As guided systems, they provide wide mounting tolerances for fast and easy installation.

Compact design

The LS 400 linear encoders deliver high accuracy and a rugged design with a small footprint. Their compact dimensions also make them ideal for very limited installation space.

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Air supply for linear encoders: optimal supply of sealing air

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