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Milling machines

HEIDENHAIN provides machine tool builders with a complete range of high-end solutions for highly accurate and dynamic motion control.

These solutions include versatile, user-friendly TNC controls for milling machines, milling-turning machines, and machining centers, along with digital readouts for manually operated machine tools. Linear and angle encoders from HEIDENHAIN handle direct motion measurement within closed loop control systems.

The new Gen 3 drives are also ideal for milling machines, offering state-of-the-art interface technology, excellent performance specs, and very high controller performance. Motors are available from HEIDENHAIN and ETEL.

TNC controls enable shop-friendly conversational language programming for numerous machining tasks, making them the go-to choice for machine tool users. Touch probes, camera systems, and electronic handwheels are also practical aids for reducing setup times and increasing process reliability. Programming stations let users of HEIDENHAIN controls create, test, and optimize their NC programs in the office away from shopfloor distractions.

Controls and related products

TNC controls2022-07-27T15:15:55+00:00

Controls for milling machines, milling-turning machines, and machining centers

From the simple TNC 128 straight-cut control to the TNC 640 high-end control for milling, turning, and grinding, HEIDENHAIN offers a comprehensive product line for all common machine types. TNC controls exhibit practicality, versatility, and high performance, facilitating productive machining and easy installation.

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Digital readouts2022-11-10T20:53:34+00:00

Manually operated machines made easy

Digital readouts for manually operated machine tools increase productivity. They also save time, increase part dimensional accuracy, and boost convenience. In conjunction with linear encoders for machine tools, digital readouts measure axis motion directly, bypassing the effects of transmission components such as the lead screws, gear racks, or gear systems.

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Power modules and inverters2022-07-27T15:17:33+00:00

Digital motor control

The new HEIDENHAIN Gen 3 drives are a perfectly matched system solution based on highly innovative and forward-thinking technologies. Machine manufacturers and users benefit from their cutting-edge interface technology, improved performance specifications, and increased control capability. The new compact inverters, featuring optimal performance with a tiny footprint, bring the Gen 3 benefits to smaller machines.

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Touch probes and camera systems2022-07-24T22:55:16+00:00

Tool and workpiece measurement

Touch probes and camera systems help reduce setup times, increase machine utilization, and improve the dimensional accuracy of finished workpieces. Setup, measurement, and monitoring tasks can be performed manually or, in conjunction with most CNC controls, be executed by the program. You benefit from high probing reproducibility, high probing speeds, and wear-free measurements.

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Fine manual axis control

Electronic handwheels from HEIDENHAIN give you delicate control of the feed motors to move the axis slides. Axis keys and certain function keys are built into the handwheel housing. Portable handwheels let you switch between axes or set up the machine regardless of where you happen to be. Panel-mounted handwheels can be attached to any location on the machine.

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Programming stations2022-09-19T16:16:47+00:00

A copy of the control in your office

Away from the noisy shop floor, a programming station lets you create, test, and optimize NC programs in the office just as you would at the machine. Program verification and keyboard layout are the same as on the control. These characteristics also make the programming station ideal for vocational training. And with a Digital Twin, you can leverage an exact model of your machine, including its actual kinematics, parameters, and functions.