Rotary encoders

Rotary encoders from HEIDENHAIN stand for premium quality, durability, and precision, delivering accurate and dependable position and speed measurement. Due to their outstanding features and rugged, easy-to-install design, HEIDENHAIN rotary encoders have been used throughout the world for many years.

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External rotary encoders

Rotary encoders for external installation onto machines and electric motors feature a high protection rating of up to IP66 and permissible operating temperatures of up to 100°C.

External rotary encoders

Internal rotary encoders

Rotary encoders for internal installation within devices or motor housings are designed for high vibrations and operating temperatures of up to 120 °C. They offer a protection rating of up to IP40.

Internal rotary encoders
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Brochure: HEIDENHAIN Rotary Encoders

Learn more about HEIDENHAIN rotary encoders, including specifications and electrical connection information.

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Safety-Related Position Measuring Systems

HEIDENHAIN offers encoders that can be used in safety-related applications with purely serial data transmission via EnDat 2.2.

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Product success stories

Applications for medical therapy

Inaccuracies in the positioning or guidance of the therapy instruments can have far-reaching consequences.

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Applications in the laboratory

Modern medical laboratories are characterized by highly automated processes with a high degree of repeatability. Their task is the analysis of very small individual samples in large charges within a very brief time.

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Resolvers vs. Encoders for Motion Control

The phrase “more precise control” would generally drive the solution towards an encoder over a resolver. The application of dry food packaging however might tend to drive it back towards a resolver. Here are some characteristics you can consider to help make the decision.

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