Direct Drive Motors and Motion Systems

HEIDENHAIN offers the largest direct drive motor range on the market via ETEL. Solutions range from high-end motion systems with nanometer precision to industrial applications requiring high torque. And like HEIDENHAIN, ETEL builds its linear and torque motors, along with motion systems, on a foundation of superior knowledge and technical expertise, disruptive technology and tireless quality control. Customers reap the benefit: the most cutting-edge, reliable and precise motion control solutions available.

ETEL direct drive linear and torque motors

  • One of the most comprehensive ranges of direct drive linear and torque motors in the industry
  • Long-term benefits of direct drive technology include lack of maintenance, dynamic capabilities and compact form factor
  • ETEL’s direct drive motors feature an industry-recognized log-cogging design
  • Special construction enables an exceptional force density and unparalleled thermal efficiency
  • Customers benefit from deep expertise in direct drive systems during the design phase, installation, ramp-up and beyond

ETEL motion systems

  • Our expertise in magnetic designs, bearing technology, metrology concepts, motion control architecture and materials make us the supplier of choice for advanced mechatronics
  • Standalone products include short-stroke actuators, rotary axes, ZT combined modules, stacked/split systems, gantry platforms, planar platforms and electronic controllers
  • Motion system platforms optimally combine motors, bearings, feedback, controls and isolations systems into the finest stage on the market
  • Forty years of expertise and direct drive expertise combine to create the most effective linear motor operation possible and ideal solutions for the electronic industry 

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The industries we serve

The industries we serve


ETEL Product Overview

Since its founding in 1974, ETEL has grown to become a leading supplier of high performance motion control components and complete motion platforms.

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Linear Motors

Over the last 20 years, direct drive linear motors have provided significant performance improvements in numerous applications.

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Torque Motors

Over the last 30 years, direct drive torque motors have provided significant performance improvements in numerous high-tech industries.

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How do I choose the right servo motor for my application?2022-07-18T23:16:28+00:00

Consider the top 3-factors for choosing a servo motor: Continuous torque, peak torque and speed that is required.

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Why is the encoder feedback choice so important for linear motors?2022-07-18T23:17:06+00:00

Linear motors provide numerous benefits such as high dynamic performance, reliability, and longevity. The choice of position feedback in this case, linear encoders should exhibit these same characteristics. The system performance relies on the linear feedback.

How do I choose the right torque motor for my application?2022-07-18T23:15:42+00:00

First, you must define the speed and torque requirements for the application. Important factors like friction, machining torque, static force due to an offset load must be considered.

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