TNC 640 contouring control

The smart solution for demanding requirements

  • 24 control loops (22 with functional safety), including up to 4 spindles
  • Version with multi-touch screen
  • Milling, turning, and grinding operations
  • User-friendly programming in HEIDENHAIN Klartext or with G codes
  • Extensive machining and touch-probe cycle packages
  • Fast block processing time (0.5 ms)
  • High-end performance for perfect surfaces and exceptional accuracy
  • Dynamic collision monitoring for greater safety and reliability
Complete machining

The TNC 640 features an extensive package of cycles for milling, drilling, boring, grinding, and turning operations. It also provides special cycles for complex applications such as interpolation turning and hobbing. All of this functionality can be programmed with Klartext functions and cycles.

Optimal machining

The OCM option optimizes roughing processes, using special trochoidal milling cycles to machine any contour with high efficiency. Productivity is significantly increased, while tool wear is considerably reduced. The optimal cutting data are determined by an integrated cutting-data calculator.

Exceptional availability

Dynamic Collision Monitoring (DCM) monitors the work envelope during all operating modes and stops traversing movements before a pending collision. DCM therefore allows optimal use of the machine envelope, preventing machine damage and costly downtime.

Efficient workstation

Extended Workspace seamlessly brings PCs and external applications to the control’s screen. The comfort version adds an additional display to the work area, while the compact version offers an extra application window inside the 24-inch widescreen.

Dynamic Efficiency

The Dynamic Efficiency package of functions is well matched to the requirements of roughing operations. Various functions offer enormous potential for optimizing process reliability, machining time, and idle time, making production more effective, stable, and predictable.

Dynamic Precision

Dynamic Precision includes multiple functions that improve the contouring accuracy of machine tools, even during high feed rates and complex movements. Precise parts can be efficiently manufactured in short machining times without manual rework.

Application-oriented design

Information about the product

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Screen view

The intuitive and clearly structured user interface make simple operation and optimal orientation possible

Multitouch operation

Gesture control makes it very easy to zoom and rotate simulation graphics as well as to navigate through programs, tables, or menus

Operating panel

The well-structured operating panel is systematically divided into function groups and features meaningful key symbols