POSITIP 8000 series

Digital readouts for milling machines, drilling machines, and lathes with up to six axes

  • Up to three NC-controlled axes
  • Creation and execution of programs
  • Reference-point acquisition, and tool table with tool data
  • Positioning aids and block types in manual MDI mode
  • Configurable OEM bar
  • Switching functions for simple automated tasks
Intuitive user interface

The POSITIP 8000 series provides many useful functions for machining with manually-operated machine tools. Self-explanatory operating elements and language-sensitive information in plain language permit context-sensitive operation.

Programs for recurring tasks

Create, manage, and run programs for recurring workpieces directly on the POSITIP 8000: define a sequence of blocks with individual machining steps or patterns to form programs, and then run them. A software wizard guides you through the individual program steps.

Versatile mounting options

These digital readouts permit flexible and convenient mounting with the VESA MIS-D 100 standard. They can be set up on a surface with the Multi-Pos or Single-Pos stand, or be fastened directly to the machine with the Multi-Pos holder or mounting frame.

Extensive extra functions
  • Execution of machining patterns
  • Probing functions for reference-point acquisition
  • Cutting-data calculator and spindle-speed control
  • Coupling of the axes in the top slide
  • Taper calculator and constant cutting speed

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    Application-oriented design

    Information about the product

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    Intuitive menu guidance

    Self-explanatory icons and operating elements make menu navigation easy and enable context-sensitive operation

    Sturdy for harsh shop environments

    The POSITIP 8000 units feature an extremely robust aluminum enclosure with a very tough display made of specially hardened glass

    Various stands and holders

    The Multi-Pos and Single-Pos stands are used for setting the POSITIP 8000 on a surface, and the Multi-Pos holder or the mounting frame are used to fasten it directly to the machine

    Product variants

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