Accessories for HEIDENHAIN controls

Electronic handwheels

  • Sensitive axis-slide control
  • Available with optional detent
  • HR 510 FS, HR 520 FS, and HR 550 FS portable handwheels
  • HR 130 panel-mounted handwheel

Camera systems

Portable handwheels

The handwheel’s housing features built-in axis keys and function keys, making it possible to move axes or set up the machine at any time. The HR 520 FS also features an integrated display. The cableless radio transmission of the HR 550 FS permits unlimited freedom of motion.

Panel-mounted handwheel

The HR 130 panel-mounted handwheel from HEIDENHAIN can be integrated into the machine operating panel or attached elsewhere on the machine, allowing for highly sensitive and accurate machine-axis movement.

Camera-based tool inspection

The VT 121, combined with the VTC software, enables automated and time-saving in-process tool inspection within the machine. During unattended shifts, the tool condition and wear can be monitored and documented for every cutting edge and from different perspectives.

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Handwheel display

The display shows important operating information, machine statuses, and soft keys.


Axis keys, permissive buttons, and function keys make safe operation easy directly where needed.


The handwheel is available with or without detent. The axis feed rate and the spindle speed can be set using override potentiometers.

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