Linear encoders

Linear encoders measure the position of linear axes without intervening mechanical elements. This eliminates a series of potential error sources such as backlash, pitch error, or heating of the recirculating ball screw. Wherever rigorous position accuracy and high machining speeds are needed, linear encoders are essential.

Sealed linear encoders

Sealed linear encoders feature optimal protection from dust, chips, and splash water. They are especially ideal for use in manually operated machine tools and also in numerically controlled machine tools.

Sealed linear encoders

Exposed linear encoders

Exposed linear encoders have zero mechanical contact between the scanning head and scale or scale tape. Applications include pick-and-place machines and direct drive systems, production and measuring equipment in the semiconductor industry.

Exposed linear encoders
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Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between linear encoder and linear scale?2022-06-24T15:35:04+00:00

Both terms classifies a linear sensor, transducer or reader head that encodes position from a scale.

How accurate are HEIDENHAIN linear encoders?2022-06-24T15:35:31+00:00

We make scales with accuracies starting 10um per meter down to .5um per meter.

What’s the longest available measuring lengths for a sealed linear scale?2022-06-24T15:35:53+00:00

Measuring lengths up to 72M (LB 382) are available.

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