MRS 2200 series

Incremental angle encoder modules with integral bearing for rotary and tilting axes

  • System accuracy: ±10”
  • Signal periods: 2048
  • Hollow through shaft diameter: 10 mm
  • High repeatability and tilting rigidity
  • Direct loading
  • Up to 60% fewer components in the application
  • Interface: 1 VPP
High repeatability

Achieve exceptional measurement quality through low measurement variation: these modules combine a high-accuracy angle encoder and a tilt-resistant bearing for exceptional repeatability even under off-center loads.

Easy installation

Thanks to a pre-loaded bearing and pre-mounted angle encoder, these modules eliminate the need for exact alignment and adjustment in the application. Installation is even easier if the mounting component includes a centering collar.

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MRS 2200 Angle Encoder Module: greater accuracy for measuring arms

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