TD 110

High-performance tool breakage detection

  • Inductive, non-contact sensor
  • Detection possible at rapid traverse
  • Compact and robust housing
  • Inspection of HSS and carbide microtools (down to ∅ 0.4)
Improve process reliability

The TD 110 tool breakage detector can reduce scrap and prevent secondary damage. Since it doesn’t require a teach-in process, it can be used to inspect microtools in single-part manufacturing.

Reduce your system costs

Because it doesn’t require compressed air, the TD 110 tool breakage detector can lower your TCO. And since it requires only one cable and zero maintenance, it can even cut costs.

Reduce machine idle time

The TD 110 tool breakage detector can be up to six seconds faster per tool change than laser-based systems. It can reduce idle time even further when combined with the process monitoring functionality of the TNC7. This inductive sensor also integrates seamlessly into your workflow at the current spindle speed.

Flexible retrofitting

Any control can be retrofitted with the TD 110. Remote support is available for installation in TNC controls. The breakage detector’s small, nondisruptive form factor simplifies the installation process. And depending on the application, the same type of cable can be used for both the breakage detector and the TT 160.

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    TD 110 tool breakage detector: save time with in-process tool inspection

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