Our solutions for your industry and applications

Machine tools

HEIDENHAIN numerical controls, combined with linear encoders and angle encoders for closed-loop axis control, set the benchmark for accuracy, removal rates, process reliability, and ease of use.

Solutions for machine tools

The accuracy and dynamic performance of automated manufacturing processes depend heavily on the characteristics of encoders. This is true across the robotics and metrology industries.

Solutions for automation

Advances within the semiconductor and electronics industries require the continual miniaturization of components in both front-end and back-end production. We drive the advancement of the specific measurement and motion technologies involved.

High-end solutions for electronics

As robots take on ever more demanding tasks, such as human-robot collaboration and high-accuracy machining, we offer the ideal motor feedback and positioning solutions for both conventional and advanced robotics.

Solutions for robotics
Medical technology

Medical technology applications are highly demanding and diverse. Our encoders deliver the rigorous accuracy and reliability needed, and our controls enable perfectly machined implants starting with lot size 1.

Solutions for medical technology
Drive systems

With products ranging from encoders for motor feedback and position control to a variety of motors and motion controllers, our solutions are renowned for their accuracy, power, and dynamic performance.

Solutions for drive systems
Elevator technology

Our encoders ensure elevator safety and comfort when installed on main motors, brakes, shaft copying systems, and doors. We’re also already pursuing innovative solutions for the elevator technology of tomorrow.

Solutions for elevators
Structural health monitoring

Leverage our high-accuracy digital sensor technology to protect high-load buildings and industrial structures. Our strain and vibration measurement technology delivers key data for operational optimization and structural integrity monitoring.

Solutions for structural monitoring

Printed paper remains an essential part of our daily lives even amid widespread digitization. From prepress to postpress, we offer encoders for your machines and systems, from compact laser printers to rotary printing presses.

Solutions for printing technology
Oil & gas

With accurate condition monitoring and powerful motion control, your systems will consistently deliver in the harshest of environments.

Solutions for oil & gas
Life sciences

Our equipment accelerates the important experimentation and testing in high-stakes labs across the globe.

Solutions for life sciences

Our extreme equipment has proven to deliver in the steel mill when shock, rapid temperature changes, vibration and large loads come into play.

Solutions for steel