ND 5023

Digital readout for milling machines, drilling machines, and lathes with up to three axes

  • Reference-point acquisition, and tool table with tool data
  • Positioning aids and block types in manual MDI mode
  • Tool radius compensation
Fast setup

When you switch on the digital readout for the first time, the ND 5000 assists you with installation guidance. You’ll be guided step by step through the most important settings until the device is ready for operation.

Dynamic Zoom mode

The axis currently in motion can be graphically emphasized: in Dynamic Zoom mode, the position value is enlarged to its maximum size based on the number of digits. This greatly improves readability, especially at a distance.

Versatile mounting options

These digital readouts permit flexible and convenient mounting with the VESA MIS-D 100 standard. They can be set up on a surface with the Single-Pos stand, or be fastened directly to the machine with the Multi-Pos holder or mounting frame.

Comprehensive additional functions
  • Execution of machining patterns
  • Cutting-data calculator
  • Axis coupling in the top slide
  • Taper calculator

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+1 847-490-1191

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    Application-oriented design

    Information about the product

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    Day/night switching

    Depending on the ambient-light conditions at the machine, the background of the ND 5023 can be switched to a light or dark background

    Membrane keyboard suited for a machine shop

    The splash-proof membrane keyboard guarantees convenient operation even under harsh shop conditions

    Stand and holders

    The Single-Pos stand is used for setting the ND 5023 on a surface, and the Multi-Pos holder or the mounting frame are used to fasten it directly to the machine

    Product variants

    You will be forwarded to the HEIDENHAIN corporate site to view a list of product variants and their documents.