ECI/EBI 4000 series

Absolute rotary encoders without integral bearing

  • Very high axial tolerance of up to ±1.5 mm
  • Hollow through shaft diameters: 90 mm and 180 mm
  • Robust radial inductive scanning
  • Positioning accuracy of down to ±25″
  • 1,048,576 positions/rev.
  • Multiturn functionality for up to 65 536 revolutions
  • Max. operating temperature: 115 °C
  • Evaluation of various external temperature sensors
  • Interfaces: EnDat and DRIVE-CLiQ
  • Housing diameter ≈ 160 mm and 250 mm
Robust design

The blind hollow shaft allows the rotary encoder to be directly coupled to the mating shaft for optimal rigidity. What’s more, the inductive scanning principle is particularly tolerant of contamination and vibrational loads of up to 400 m/s² on the stator and 600 m/s² on the rotor.

Wide range of applications

For a wide variety of applications, this series offers the right encoder, including a multiturn version with a battery-buffered revolution counter for up to 65,536 revolutions and a version featuring external temperature sensor support.

Functional safety

Rotary encoders of this series are available with functional safety and a safe mechanical connection. Once integrated into an application with up to SIL 3 safety, they minimize malfunctions and facilitate the safe operation of machines and systems.

Compact design

The encoders of this series feature high ruggedness and reliability in a compact design. Their low profile makes them ideal for small installation spaces. Very high axial tolerances enable easy installation and smooth operation.

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