ERO 2000 series

Incremental optical angle encoders with high resolution and accuracy

  • High resolution and accuracy
  • Low mass and low mass moment of inertia
  • Graduation accuracy: ±8” / ±10”
  • Signal periods: 4096 / 2500
  • Hub inside diameter: 5 mm
  • Interface: 1 VPP
Lightweight and compact

The ERO 2000 series angle encoders have a low mass and low mass moment of inertia, making them particularly well suited for dynamic applications with high accelerations.

Versatile mounting options

Encoder installation is made easier by different scanning head versions featuring left or right and straight or angled cable outlets. This provides maximum flexibility for mounting the ERO 2000.

Consistent signal quality

The HSP 1.0 ASIC developed by HEIDENHAIN ensures consistently high scanning signal quality. The ASIC compensates for a drop in signal amplitude by increasing the LED current, maintaining the optimal signal shape under contamination. Noise is also kept uniformly low.

Easy installation

The ERO 2000 series angle encoders are particularly easy to install thanks to their wide mounting tolerances, within which the quality of the output signals is barely affected.

Product variants

You will be forwarded to the HEIDENHAIN corporate site to view a list of product variants and their documents.