Lathe controls from HEIDENHAIN have proven themselves for years on standard lathes, complex lathes, and turning centers.
They enable machining with driven tools, with a C and Y axis, or with a B axis, along with complete machining with a counterspindle.

Linear and angle encoders measure motion directly within a closed loop control system. Digital readouts for manually operated machine tools greatly simplify precision machining thanks to their numerous practical functions and cycles.

The new Gen 3 drives are designed to meet the requirements of lathes, providing state-of-the-art interface technology, excellent performance specs, and very high controller performance. HEIDENHAIN and ETEL also offer suitable motors.

Users of HEIDENHAIN lathe controls value their ease of operation and programming, which is supported by numerous intelligent functions. Working with a CNC PILOT 640 or MANUALplus 620 requires very little training time. Meanwhile, touch probes, camera systems, and electronic handwheels provide practical support at the machine, reducing setup time and increasing process reliability. Programming stations are also available for creating, testing, and optimizing NC programs away from the shop.

Controls and related products

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Controls for lathes and turning centers

The CNC PILOT 640 and MANUALplus 620 lathe controls from HEIDENHAIN optimally assist you with numerous shopfloor-friendly functions, including simple cycles and TURN PLUS for creating NC programs at the push of a button. The following tasks therefore become fast and efficient to handle:

  • Conventional lathe operations
  • Operations with driven tools
  • Machining with the C and Y axes
  • Complete machining with a counterspindle
  • Machining with the B axis

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Manually operated machines made easy

Digital readouts for manually operated machine tools boost your productivity. You save time, improve workpiece accuracy, and enjoy greater convenience. When used with linear encoders for machine tools, digital readouts measure axis motion directly and are therefore unaffected by play in mechanical transmission elements such as lead screws, gear racks, or gear systems. In conjunction with

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Digital motor control

The new HEIDENHAIN Gen 3 drives are a perfectly matched system solution based on highly innovative and forward-thinking technologies. Machine manufacturers and users benefit from their cutting-edge interface technology, improved performance specifications, and increased control capability. The new compact drives, featuring optimal performance with a tiny footprint, bring the Gen 3 benefits to smaller machines.

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Tool and workpiece measurement

Touch probes and camera systems help reduce setup times, increase machine utilization, and improve workpiece accuracy. Setup, measurement, and control functions can be executed manually or, in conjunction with most CNC controls, by the program. You benefit from higher probing reproducibility, greater probing speed, and wear-free measurement.

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Fine manual axis control

The electronic handwheels from HEIDENHIAN let you control the feed motors for delicate axis-slide movements. Axis keys and various function keys are built into the housing for this purpose. The portable versions let you switch between axes or set up the machine from wherever you happen to be. The panel-mounted versions can be attached anywhere on the machine.

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