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Oil and gas: Moving the industry that powers the planet

Upstream and down, out on the rig or at the heart of the refinery, HEIDENHAIN has you covered.
Resistance to corrosive substances, heat and even explosion-proofing allows our equipment to help maintain the conditions to keep operations up and running no matter the volume or uptime a job demands.

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Why choose HEIDENHAIN products in oil and gas

Connectivity when and where you need it

Our equipment is geared for modern production, offering the connectivity formats and reliability needed for fast decision making.

Safe and sound

Encoder options include those with functional safety ratings up to SIL3/PLe and certifications for use in ATEX/IECEX zone 1/21 hazardous environments.

Rugged precision

Several of our encoders, especially those in our LEINE LINDE line, are built specifically to last and deliver high-precision feedback in volatile oil & gas environments and withstand their common contaminants.

LEINE LINDE products for oil & gas industry

Ex-proof incremental encoders (25-100 mm)

Robust construction and non-contact scanning, these encoders work without wearing down, also in difficult operational areas.

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MRI 2242/2342 magnetic EX approved encoders

Hazardous area encoders with optional condition monitoring come with a sturdy enclosure and a perfect fit for easy mounting.

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Ex-proof 600 series absolute encoders

With their robust construction and inductive scanning, this stainless steel absolute encoder is available with hollow shaft and solid shaft.

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Ex-proof XHI 841 incremental encoder

High-Current HTL (HCHTL) signals for long distance transmission to provide a warning and early detection of pending faults.

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Oil & gas resources

Encoders for oil & gas

Even in the toughest environments LEINE LINDE encoders have to be reliable and work perfectly.

Functional Safety

Learn more about LEINE LINDE’s encoder solutions that improve uptime, safety and performance.

Heavy Duty 800 Series encoders

The product series has a long history of successful operation in applications within heavy industries.


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