Cutting Edge Careers

A leader in motion control and positioned at the forefront of technological research development, the HEIDENHAIN team is an exciting one to be a part of. HEIDENHAIN offers a collaborative, flexible and cutting-edge environment. Couple exciting work with an extensive benefits package, and you have the makings of a successful career.

Why work here?

Working at HEIDENHAIN, you'll enjoy:

A competitive salary with time off benefits available on your first day of employment

An extensive benefits package, including:

401k match
Continued education reimbursement
Parental leave
Top-of-the-line medical coverage

A stable company that supports a healthy work-life balance

Experience outstanding culture, driven by HEIDENHAIN’S core values:


Customers and employees know that we will be there for them. We can be counted on to get the job done and follow through to the end.


We take our integrity very seriously at HEIDENHAIN. We practice honesty and consistency in everything we do, from our products to how we communicate with our employees.


This creates acceptable and achievable expectations that can and will be met by HEIDENHAIN. We won’t mislead or misguide customers or employees.


This goes hand in hand with transparency. We believe that being honest is the only way to operate our business.


We give 100% to our employees and customers. We want to see them grow and flourish.

Social Responsibility

We use eco-friendly packaging material and our parent company is a foundation that gives back to the people and the environment. We always advocate for the protection and interests of our employees.


Trust creates a sense of peace and clarity for all who work here. We trust one another to get the job done. We also trust that there will be people there for us when we need help.


We take responsibility for our actions and we expect our employees to do the same. Everyone is responsible to be the best version of themselves, and we want to see people learn and grow.


Family. We have built a strong connection at HEIDENHAIN and have created a family that stays connected in upholding our core values.