Our training program: expertise for end users and service and support personnel

Confident mastery of controls and proper use of encoders are essential for optimal machining and measurement results. To this end, HEIDENHAIN offers practical training courses for users and machine manufacturers, imparting expertise to participants in the operation, installation, initial setup, and servicing of many different products.

Our training courses for machine manufacturers, machine distributors, automation technicians, and service technicians

Develop expertise in the installation, connection, implementation, networking, calibration, maintenance, and servicing of HEIDENHAIN components in your machines and automated systems. Our special training courses in setup and optimization, including software adaptation through PLC and Python programming, provide you with the needed HEIDENHAIN expertise.

System programming and configuration
  • Connected Machining
  • CycleDesign
  • Functional safety and the TNCtest PC tool
  • Kinematics definition: basic and advanced
  • OPC UA NC Server
  • PLC programming: basic and advanced
  • Python programming: basic and advanced
  • RemoTools SDK
Setting up and optimizing machine tools
  • Dynamic Precision
  • Setup and optimization: basic course
  • Optimized controls: advanced course
Field servicing for encoders and controls
  • Encoder diagnostics
  • Servicing the TNC 640: basic training
  • Encoder servicing

Customized workshops

Does your team need individualized training in very specific topics? Then the customized workshops of the HEIDENHAIN Service department are the perfect solution. This service lets you create your own course by choosing the times, topics, locations and number of participants.

Training program for users of controls

Our courses provide users of controls with the knowledge and practical examples they need to work effectively with the machine and the CNC control. After starting with the basics, the courses build on each other with increasingly complex content, bringing participants ever closer to becoming sought-after shop floor specialists. They will learn to master tasks such as the 5-axis machining of complex workpieces with difficult contours.

Basic courses
  • Operating StateMonitor
  • Setting up and operating TNC controls
  • Klartext programming for the iTNC 530: basic course
  • Klartext programming for the TNC 640: basic course
Advanced courses
  • Klartext programming for the TNC: advanced course
  • Q-parameter programming for the TNC: advanced course
  • Switching to the TNC 640: advanced course
Expert-level courses
  • Tilted machining with the iTNC 530
  • Tilted machining with the TNC 640
  • 3D workpiece measurement with touch probe on the iTNC 530
  • 3D workpiece measurement with touch probe on the TNC 640
  • Milling-turning with the TNC 640

In addition to traditional classroom courses at the HEIDENHAIN training centers in Schaumburg, IL and authorized training partners around the world, training courses are also offered online. In all courses, participants benefit from state-of-the-art equipment, training rooms, extensive teaching expertise, and consistent quality standards.

The training teams also provide courses tailored to individual customer needs and topics.

TNC Club: our efficient educational offer for control users

The TNC Club is your meeting point for expert knowledge, with numerous offerings to help users of HEIDENHAIN controls work more efficiently.
As a premium member in the TNC Club, you’ll benefit from discounted training courses, events, and workshops aimed at making you even more familiar with your control.

Training courses at HEIDENHAIN: facts and figures

2706 sqf
Total area of the training center in Schaumburg, IL
10 programing stations including Digital Twin in our interactive training center
1166 sqf
Area of the machine shop with multiple 5-Axis High end machining centers
ca. 100
Number of course participants in Schaumburg, IL per year

HEIDENHAIN has been offering training courses for machine manufacturers and users of controls since 1982. Its trainers command an accordingly high level of expertise and teaching experience. At the HEIDENHIAN training centers, practical training takes place in machine shops equipped with 5-axis machine tools like those used in leading manufacturing companies. Theory instruction is offered in classrooms with state-of-the-art media technology for efficient learning.

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HEIDENHAIN Interactive Training

HEIDENHAIN Interactive Training (HIT) provides NC user training through convenient online self-learning.


In our webinars, trainers will show you how you can use TNC functions to master your machining tasks.

Videos and animations

Get to know our products through our short videos. Product managers explain product benefits, and animations illustrate their operation and functionality.


User’s manuals, installation instructions, mounting instructions, software, and much more are available for download here.