Objectives of the course

The participants can apply the touch probe cycles in manual and automatic mode and log the measured values

Target group

Programmers and operators of CNC milling machines, CNC trainers


Completion of the Basic Training, or the equivalent knowledge of programming and operating the TNC control

Course contents


  • Setup of touch probes
  • Centering the touch probe
  • Editing the touch probe table
  • Editing the preset table

Touch probe cycles in the manual and electronic handwheel modes

  • Calibrating a touch probe
  • Compensating workpiece misalignment
  • Workpiece presetting

Touch probe cycles for automatic workpiece inspection

  • Automatically measuring workpiece misalignment
  • Automatic presetting
  • Automatically recording measurement results
  • Automatically measuring workpieces
  • Logging tool dimensions
  • Creating freely definable table

Align the plane

  • Manual operation
  • Define Cycle 431 measure plane


  • Testing and optimizing the kinematics

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