Objectives of the course

  • Apply the function for tilting the working plane for swivel heads
    or tilting tables
  • Work with rotary axes and spatial angles
  • Distinguish between the different NC program types of the TNC
  • Distinguish between the different TCPM functions (inclined and simultaneous machining) and use them
  • Use functions to influence the program execution behavior of the control or to adjust NC programs

Target group

Programmers and operators of CNC milling machines, CNC trainers, CAM users / programmers


  • Knowledge of CNC fundamentals
  • Completion of the basic course, or the equivalent knowledge of programming and operating the control

Course contents

  • Common tilting designs
  • Presetting and probing in the tilted or non-tilted coordinate system
  • Manual tilting
  • Guideline for program run
  • Tilting the working plane, preferably using the the PLANE-functions
  • Use of the preset table
  • Datum shift from programs or tables
  • Execution of various cycles and contours in tilted condition
  • Machining with several tools
  • Resetting the tilt
  • Changing the tool penetration angle via M114, M128 and TCPM
  • Use and combination of further tilt-specific M functions
  • Basic information about 5-axis machining
  • Output formats of NC programs: plain-language messages, vector output
  • 3-D tool radius compensation
  • Optimization of NC programs: Cycle 32, Cycle 332, M124, M120
  • Using KinematicsOPT

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