Objectives of the course

The course participants expand and deepen their knowledge of the individual topics on HEIDENHAIN conversational programming

Target group

Programmers and operators of CNC milling machines, CNC trainers


Completion of the Basic Training or the equivalent knowledge of programming with the TNC control

Course contents

Programming techniques

  • Subprogramming
  • Program section repeat
  • Calling an independent program as a subprogram
  • Nesting

 Using cycles

  • For drilling, tapping and thread milling
  • Milling pockets, studs and slots
  • Contour milling with SL cycles
  • Cycles for coordinate transformation
  • Special cycles

 Machining geometric shapes

  • Milling operatioon with end mill in several passes
  • Combining coordinate transformations for milling operations
  • Rotationally symmetric spatial machining
  • Miscellaneous functions for contouring behavior

Q parameter programming

  • Principle and overview
  • Basic functions
  • If/Then decisions with Q parameters (jumps)

iTNC 530

  • Preset table
  • Plane functions
  • Simple contour formula
  • Programming aids

 FK programming, DXF converter and tool monitoring

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