Course contents

Control operation

NC/PLC programming interface

PLC modules

PLC programming

  • Overview
  • Selected commands
  • Conditional and unconditional jumps, module calls
  • Structured statements
  • Data types

PLC development software (PLCdesign)

  • Introduction to the user interface
  • Creating projects
  • Compiler-specific instructions
  • Symbolic programming
  • PLC documentation

Other PC tools

  • TNCremo: Data transmission and back-up
  • PLCtext: Multiple languages, error reactions
  • IOconfig: Configuration of inputs and outputs (bus system)
  • BMXdesign: Soft-key creation
  • MenuDesign: Creating of soft-key menus

PLC program examples

Brief look at the PLC basic program

Please bring your own computer or notebook, which must meet the following requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Zip-compatible extraction software
  • PC administrator rights to install software
  • USB connection with removable-media access
  • Ethernet connection with cable
  • Configured network environment (Ethernet TCP/IP)
  • Download: -> PC Software -> Programming Station VirtualBox -> TNC 640 Programming Station 340595 <most recent version>

HEIDENHAIN cannot provide any computers or notebooks for the training course.

Objectives of the course

  • Function and application of the PLC commands
  • Application of the PLC modules
  • PLC programming techniques
  • Using the PLC on the control (PLC user interface)
  • Testing and debugging
  • Working with the PLC programming environment PLCdesign
  • Working with PLCtext, BMXdesign, MenuDesign, IOconfig, ConfigDesign, TNCremo

Target group

Only for electrical design engineers and PLC programmers of machine tool builders and retrofitters


  • Knowledge of machine tools, electronics, electrical engineering
  • Fundamentals of PLC programming
  • Basic knowledge of NC programming
  • Computer skills

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