Class Agenda:

  1. ETEL motor product line introduction and handbook overview
  2. Motor drawings review:
    • Important values to take into account for mechanical design
    • Explanation of important tolerances.
  3. Important concepts for mechanical integration:
    • Minimum tolerances for housing and shaft and why they are necessary
    • Rotor & Stator temperatures and the effect of shaft expansion.
  4. Encoder positioning reading error:
    • How error is effected by shaft eccentricity and the influence on the machine’s overall accuracy.
      • Due to the internal knowledge available at heidenhain, the topic of encoder selection will remain limited.
  5. Mechanically coupling motors:
    • How to achieve proper coupling
    • Explanation of the methods outlined in ETEL’s handbook
    • Influence of coupling accuracy on performance
  6. Bearings:
    • How to achieve a stiff preloaded assembly
    • The influence of flatness/concentricity tolerances
  7. Complete assembly mounting:
    • Torque Motors:
      • Stator & housing coupling
      • Rotor & shaft coupling
      • Rotor & stator insertion
      • Mounting & dismounting for the purpose of maintenance
      • Explanation of ETEL’s bridge and example of user specific mounting tool
      • Rotor/stator mounting assembly video.
    • Linear Motors
      • Magnetic track mounting
      • Air gap and glider coupling to customer structure (keeping to flatness requirements)
      • Mounting & dismounting for the purpose of maintenance
      • Magnet track/motor mounting assembly video

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