Objectives of the course

The purpose of this course is to provide both new and experienced operators with hands-on training using current controls as programming stations. The class covers basic programming structure, program management, basic functions of the contouring keys, and the use of pre-programmed canned cycles, as well as probing and setting datums. At the completion of this course the operator will be able to set up and run a 5-axis machine.

Course contents

Basic Topics

  • Data management, data transfer
  • Datum management
  • Tool management
  • Path functions
    • Linear Moves
    • Circular Moves
  • Machining cycles
    • Cycles for drilling, pocket milling and stud milling
    • Coordinate transformation
  • Programming techniques
    • Program section repeats
    • Subprogramming

Advanced Topics

  • Touch probe cycles
    • Workpiece setting
    • Workpiece alignment
    • Automatic workpiece measurement
    • Working in the tilted plane
  • Programming techniques
    • Nesting
  • Programming with variables
    • Parameter programming
    • Program jumps
    • Reading/writing of system parameters
  • 5 axis accuracy: KinematicsOpt

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