Objectives of the course

The participants can:

  • Create cycle-type machining sequences
  • Programming milling operations of plane curves with mathematical functions
  • Combination of Q parameters and HEIDENHAIN cycles
  • Use the functions FN 16; 17; 18;…

Target group

Experienced programmers and operators of CNC milling machines, CNC trainers, application engineers


  • Completion of the basic course, or the equivalent knowledge of programming with the control.
  • Understanding of logical operations (If… then…)

Course contents

Reading and writing of machining cycles

  • Programming techniques
  • Logical operations (If….then)
  • Conditional and unconditional jumps
  • Branching in programs and outside of the program
  • Program section repeats
  • Nesting techniques


  • Simple bolt hole circle
  • Universal deep-hole drilling cycle

Milling in the plane

  • Milling cycles for contours and technical curves (e.g. ellipses, spirals)
  • Letter engraving program

Milling of bodies

  • Schemata for repeatable 3-D task types
  • Milling cycles for spatial machining (tapered internal threads, Archimedean spirals, etc.)
  • Combination of HEIDENHAIN cycles with Q parameters
  • Rounding of corners on any contours

Miscellaneous functions

  • Logging of data with the aid of freely definable tables
  • Practical applications for the functions FN 16; 17;18; …

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