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Workspace camera: keep your work in view

A clear view of the work envelope is important and even necessary for many machining operations. Displaying live video on your control or extra monitor requires connectivity with the IP camera system. HEIDENHAIN controls contain the required Python scripts in their PLC basic program. The HEIDENHAIN Service department can also support you in implementing a workspace camera.

This support includes retrofitting a video codec for sending the video stream from the camera to the control. The machine manufacturer can define whether the live video should appear on the control’s main screen or on an additional Extended Workspace monitor. Depending on the control, the machine manufacturer may be able to install more than one camera.

The scripts delivered with the PLC basic program support PTZ monitoring systems (pan-tilt-zoom cameras). The user can set the optimal camera position via soft keys on the control. The zoom level may vary based on the camera system and is unaffected by the implementation.

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