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The current situation requires all of us to react quickly and creatively to constantly changing circumstances on a daily basis. After all, the health and safety of employees and business partners are paramount. That’s why we’ve significantly expanded our online support resources and capabilities at the HEIDENHAIN Service department.

As a result, we can provide excellent support for everything related to controls:

  • Analysis and optimization of the controller settings
  • Optimization of the nominal position value filter and motion control
  • Analysis of CAD programs
  • Adaptations to the configuration
  • Services for the HEIDENHAIN PLC, such as:
    • Support for setting up of StateMonitor
    • Diagnostics for the HEIDENHAIN DNC interface

This online support is a win-win situation for both you and HEIDENHAIN; Webex assistance does the following:

  • Saves precious time, money, and resources
  • Is highly time-effective
  • Is globally usable and unaffected by travel restrictions

Successful online support requires the following:

  • Fast and stable internet connection
  • Internet access to the machine
  • Alternatively: internet access to a computer connected to the machine
  • A qualified person at the machine who is familiar with its operation as well as the HEIDENHAIN tools

Within the scope of these regulations, on-site support is possible for:

  • Troubleshooting the mechanical hardware
  • Troubleshooting the electrical system

Benefit from the dependable online service possibilities of HEIDENHAIN.

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+1 847-490-1191


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