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New sample cycles for TNC controls

HEIDENHAIN controls come with a large number of canned cycles for a wide variety of machining tasks. Even so, they cannot cover every possible scenario. That’s why the HEIDENHAIN Service department provides sample cycles that allow you to individually adapt and expand your control’s range of cycles, including highly specialized ones.

The canned cycles on HEIDENHAIN controls save you time when programming on the shop floor and ensure elegant, streamlined programs. To extend these and other benefits to machining scenarious not covered by the standard cycles, discover our new large package of powerful sample cycles:

Cycle 305: Universal Countersinking
Helix-shaped clearing of a countersink with any angle and diameter

Cycle 308: DIN 74 Countersinking
Helix-shaped clearing of a countersink based on the screw diameter, and automatic countersink calculation as per DIN 74

Cycle 326: Engraving Serial Numbers
Engraving of a continually incremented serial number, including leading zeros (e.g., 000057) and automatic counting

Cycle 327: Engraving Week Numbers 
Engraving of the current calendar week (for controls prior to software version 34059x-11)

Cycle 341: Deep Drilling Plus
Deep drilling with a continuous increase or reduction in the feed rate and shaft speed, including tool guidance into the pilot hole with a statioarny of gently rotating spindle and division of the step into three distances:

  1. Acceleration distance
  2. Constant distance
  3. Acceleration and braking distance

Cycle 355: Punch Tap
High-speed thread milling with special tools from EMUGE Franken, with up to 75% time savings relative to conventional thread-milling operations

Cycle 362: Special-Tool Thread Milling
Machining of threads with thread mills requiring two helix paths (works similarly to Cycle 262, but with 720° helix paths)

Cycle 385: StateMonitor Jobs
Creation of jobs in StateMonitor, including job-data exchange:

  • Order number
  • Work step
  • Part name
  • Part number
  • Job status (setup, production, etc.)

If the sample cycles sound interesting, there are three ways to use them on your HEIDENHAIN control:

Remote Installation
Allow the HEIDENHAIN Service team to remotely install the cycles onto your machine. Find out more by calling the NC Programming helpline:
+49 8669 31-3103

CycleDesign Training Course
Visit a CycleDesign course. Find out about the dates, course content and requirements:
CycleDesign online course
In-person CycleDesign design course in Traunreut, Germany

Customized Workshop
Book your customized virtual or in-person CycleDesign workshop. For more information, see the “Customized workshop” article on our Tips page

Contact person – Service

+1 847-490-1191


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