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Inspect tools up to six seconds faster with a retrofitted TD 110

Automatically detect broken tools and avoid knock-on damage: the TD 110 tool breakage detector boosts process reliability and inspects each tool up to six seconds faster than conventional laser solutions. Almost as fast as the TD 110 itself is the HEIDENHAIN Service team’s TD 110 remote installation service.

The TD 110 tool breakage detector inspects tools with diameters of down to 0.4 mm and identifies breakage if the tool length has changed by least 2 mm as a result. Inspection occurs as the tool moves between the tool magazine and the machine envelope, with the spindle rotating at operating speed. Retrofitted close to the machine table, this compact and robust tool sensor can be used in the machine envelope of nearly any machine tool.

The retrofit is especially easy when your machine has a HEIDENHAIN control. In this case, the HEIDENHAIN Service team offers a remote installation service for the required cycles. Two cycles are available for the TNC7 and TNC 640 controls (software version 34059x-07 or later) and now also for the iTNC 530 (software version 34049x-03 or -60642x-01or later):

  • One cycle for setting up the TD 110 on the machine
  • One cycle for breakage inspection

After mounting the TD 110 in the work envelope of your machine tool, you must determine its exact position and orientation in the XY-plane. To do this, you need Cycle 530 TD 110 SETUP and a touch probe. Then connect the breakage detector via the touch probe interface using a single cable for power and signal transmission. Since no compressed air hoses or filter units are needed during installation, the sensor’s carbon footprint is small.

As soon as the sensor has been connected to the touch probe interface, the TD 110’s status LED turns green and the sensor is ready for operation. Now you’re ready for automatic in-process breakage inspection with Cycle 531 TD 110 BREAKAGE DETECTION. If the TD 110 detects a broken tool, it immediately notifies the control. The control then triggers a machine message, NC stop or a user-defined reaction, such as notifying StateMonitor.

The HEIDENHAIN Service team in Traunreut can remotely install the cycles for the TD 110 tool breakage detector across the globe. Get in touch now!

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