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The HEIDENHAIN Service department offers more than repairs, replacement parts and phone support. We can create a digital twin of your machine and install it onto your programming station. We can integrate remote tool data management into your machine with its HEIDENHAIN control. Our experts even provide over 20 exciting training courses and workshops in field servicing, giving you the knowledge to fix machine malfunctions on your own.

HEIDENHAIN provides a global network of sales and service agencies in all major markets. Through our product-support offerings, we act as service providers for the design, implementation, and optimization of what are often customized solutions for machine users and machine manufacturers. We are happy to provide efficient support in the following areas.

For machine users:

Digital Twin

The Digital Twin is a realistic model of your machine installed on your programming station. Utilize the real-world kinematics, parameters, and functions of your machine during front-office design and programming work.

NC Programming & Application Support

StateMonitor setup service

Let the HEIDENHAIN Service department optimally configure and set up your new StateMonitor software, either remotely or on-site. Leverage the resulting time savings and process transparency to enhance your productivity.

NC Programming & Application Support

Track non-productive time with StateMonitor

A Python expansion enables the TNC 640 to send feedback about non-productive time to StateMonitor. Harness this information to optimize machine idle times on your shop floor.

NC Support & PLC Programming Support

HEIDENHAIN Clone      

HEIDENHAIN Clone is a fast and easy way to create backups of your valuable data on the HDR, CFR, or SSDR of your TNC control. Backups should be performed on a regular basis, and they are essential prior to machine servicing.

NC Support & PLC Programming Support

Connect tool presetters to your machine tool

Connect your machine tool to external tool presetters and tool data management systems, including systems from Coscom, Zoller, and Haimer.

NC Support & PLC Programming Support

For machine manufacturers:

The PNC 610 with magazine automation software

The PNC 610 is the heart of the HEIDENHAIN Automation Solution, a single-provider system package with hardware and software for universal tool automation. Automate your machine tool’s workpiece feeder, and easily connect additional external magazines to the TNC control. Find out more in our online tip Automate with the PNC 610.

NC Support & PLC Programming Support

Create IO-Link device drivers

IO-Link is the go-to standard for uniform communication between all automation components, from the control to the lowest sensor-actor level. The HEIDENHAIN Service department can provide you with the required drivers.

NC Support & PLC Programming Support

Contact person – Service

+1 847-490-1191


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