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Angle Head Setup: We Can Help

Time and again, machining tasks come up that can’t be accomplished using a conventional machine configuration. This includes the machining of internal features, for example. In such cases, an angle head can help, but using one requires making a number of modifications to the machine, the control, and the NC program. The service technicians of the HEIDENHAIN Customer Service department can provide assistance in this.

Using an angle head is actually not much of a problem. The machine must have the appropriate kinematics, and the TNC control needs to be equipped with the tilting option and PLANE function. Modern five-axis machines, as well as the current versions of the iTNC 530 and the TNC 640, meet these requirements. And as an experienced TNC user, tilting the working plane is certainly no problem for you either.

The difficulty arises when it comes to defining the angle head since there are so many different models to choose from. Angle heads come in various sizes with fixed or adjustable angles and varying solutions for coupling with the machine. They can also be single- or double-sided and can be designed for very different tool holders. Indeed, the market offers a solution to meet every customer’s requirements. Angle heads even vary widely in appearance, meaning that they also have very unique dimensions and geometries.

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