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It’s hard to find other engineered systems more dependent on fast, accurate motion than semiconductor machinery. That’s right where we thrive. We actually enjoy the challenge. Let’s talk about how our in-house know-how and world-class components can help.

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Don’t miss the chance to get custom consultation from one of the leading motion control engineers in the world.

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Semiconductor news, notes and advice

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Semiconductor news, notes and advice

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Taking control of cost of ownership in semiconductor production machinery

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How to choose the right encoders for semiconductor machinery

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What to expect from your consultation

We want you make the most of your time with one of the top motion control engineers in the world.

  • We will reach out to set up your consultation and provide a WebEx link.
  • This IS an exploration of solutions to a specific semiconductor engineering project or challenge.
  • This CAN BE a video call with the opportunity to share drawings, models, etc.
  • You will receive a follow up summary email with next steps.
  • This is NOT a sales pitch, but we’ll be happy to help you find a good fit from our vast offering.
  • This is NOT for someone who knows what they want and just wants to find the right SKU.
  • This is NOT meant to be an aimless chat about engineering or motion.

Globally recognized. Locally specified.

Our motion components are proven, highly regarded and can be adjusted to fit any semiconductor application.