“Were We Able to Exceed Your Expectations Today?”

June 18, 2019

Customers who talk to HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION’s sales support operations via phone will now notice yet another new initiative to continue to put the Customer First. “Were we able to exceed your expectations today?” and other immediate follow up questions are briefly being asked at the end phone calls in order to encourage full responsiveness and note where future changes may need to be made.

“HEIDENHAIN takes our ‘Customer First’ motto very seriously. We continue to look for ways in which we can engage and learn from our customers at all levels. This now at a more immediate level,” explained John Thormodsgard, HEIDENHAIN’s Director of Sales Operations. “We can’t fix what we don’t know.”

Of course, HEIDENHAIN’s goal is full satisfaction. So an unsatisfactory response will be moved to another level of review and attempts made to rectify if possible.

From this immediate feedback program, HEIDENHAIN is tracking satisfaction rates as well as non-satisfaction responses in specific categories, making note of any areas of concern such as:

  1. Availability of product/lead time issues
  2. Ability to reach person who could assist quickly
  3. Price concerns
  4. Policy related concerns
  5. Overall responsiveness

From that, quarterly reports to management present key findings noting trends in specific areas in need of attention to aid in determining next Customer First steps.

These new immediate phone efforts are yet one more layer of HEIDENHAIN’s Customer First initiative. It includes regular optional surveys following service visits and repairs. A solicitation for feedback is also at the bottom of HEIDENHAIN’s emails in Tech Support, Sales Operations and Customer Service.

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