Klartext Portal: TNC online user support

December 4, 2019

The Internet is an endless source of knowledge. Knowing where to look for the information you need can seem like a daunting task. For TNC control users, the Klartext Portal is the place to go.

The Klartext Portal is the go-to site for user support related to HEIDENHAIN controls. To keep you from getting lost in the shear mass of information available on this site, we have collected the most important online resources for you.


Klartext Portal

Programming examples

The NC Solutions are a treasure trove of example programs for a plethora of different applications, ranging from simple programs for apprentice training to complex 5-axis programs for inclined machining operations. Use the filter function to quickly find the sample solutions relevant to your task. Videos show many of the programs in action.


Under NC Solutions, you’ll find more than just sample programs. You can also find answers to frequently asked questions. The practical filter function will quickly guide you to the solution you are looking for.

Training Portal

The HEIDENHAIN training program covers the entire gamut of control-related knowledge. After all, we want to help you get the most out of your control, whatever your application
may be.

Self-learning with HIT

Less is more? Certainly not when it comes to knowledge and expertise! That’s why we created HIT 3.0, a multimedia learning platform for NC programming, so that you can teach yourself new skills as an NC user, including on mobile devices. We also have very attractive offerings for teachers and trainers.


Thoroughly and clearly explained: trainers from the HEIDENHAIN training center explain various functions of the TNC and CNC PILOT controls in 60 minutes.

What else is in our media library?
■ Klartext reports with extra information about the articles in the printed magazine
■ Product videos about our controls and their functions
■ User’s manuals for current and older control models
■ Brochures about our controls

HEIDENHAIN helplines

With our free helplines, you receive immediate and direct support from specialists in various fields.

Other links that may interest you:


Free HEIDENHAIN software for a PC is available, such as programming stations for the TNC and CNC PILOT controls, the TNCremo data transmission software, and much more.


Contact page for HEIDENHAIN in North America


The HEIDENHAIN forum is a great place for users to get fast help from other end users. After all, among our 6,200 followers, there is bound to be a TNC expert who can help with your questions.

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