February 8, 2021

RCN angle encoders smarter and faster

RCN angle encoderSCHAUMBURG, IL (February 2021) – HEIDENHAIN is proud to introduce smarter and faster versions of the RCN absolute angle encoders series for use in machine tools requiring high speed, accuracy and contamination resistance. The new models RCN 2001, 5001 and 8001 are especially useful with fast rotating axes and direct-drive motors because the permissible speeds are up to three times higher than older established RCN encoders.

And when paired with an EIB 5211 sensor box, these new RCN encoders will transfer the temperature of the encoder and a direct-drive motor to the control in use. This gives the user the ability to push the system to its thermal load limits which in turn increases production and cost efficiency.

With the convenience provided with using the EIB 5211 sensor box to measure the temperature of direct drive motor winding the following benefits are yielded:

  • Fewer cables are required
  • Pure digital transfer technology
  • Overload protection of the motor because all three motor windings are monitored
  • Precise temperature monitoring through compensation of temperature transmission

The scanning performance of the new RCN has also been optimized so that any liquid contamination or condensation that enters the encoder will not affect the operation of this encoder which equates to less machine downtime due to encoder failures.

With these recent improvements made to the new RCN encoders, they are ideal for aerospace, medical and turning applications. These applications require highly accurate positioning and high speeds.

The RCN 2001, RCN 5001 and RCN 8001 share the same profile and mounting footprint of the current RCN 2000, RCN 5000 and RCN 8001. They are available with the following interfaces: EnDat22 (FS), EnDat02, Fanuc05 and Mit03-4.

High-resolution image available here.

Product Contact:
Milton Willis, HEIDENHAIN Product Specialist

Media Contact:
Kathleen Herrmann, K-Pro PR, Inc