February 5, 2019

New video illustrates breakthrough in lab automation design

Achieving the high throughput and extraordinary accuracy necessary for lab automation—liquid handling, DNA sequencing and sample analysis to name a few—is extremely challenging. But now, a groundbreaking partnership between HEIDENHAIN, ETEL and IMT are changing lab automation design forever.

The breakthrough leverages HEIDENHAIN linear encoders, ETEL linear motors and motion control systems, and IMT microfluidics. All can work independently in various medical lab automation applications, or together in a holistic lab automation scenario. Watch the video, below, or read on to learn more.

HEIDENHAIN linear encoders

Laboratory automation requires high throughput and exceptional accuracy. Repeatability is also critical—but can be a challenge as heat from the machine can cause small but consequential changes in the machine shape, and thus, its movement. Linear encoders that report the real position, versus a rotary encoder/ball screw setup, are more accurate. HEIDENHAIN linear encoders deliver absolute positioning accuracy to ensure the highest level of positioning at high traverse speeds.

ETEL linear motors and motion control systems

Movement in automated labs must be fast but extremely accurate. ETEL linear motors provide high acceleration, a patented cogging-free motion and exceptional thermal efficiency. ETEL motion control solutions are scalable and range from components such as motors and electronics all the way to complete motion systems; their distributed architecture can handle multiple axes simultaneously.

IMT microfluidics

IMT offers flexible process offerings that enable mircofluidics solutions in glass, the benefits of which include excellent chemical, mechanical, and optical properties; outstanding surface properties; and cost-efficiency when scaling from prototyping to mass manufacturing.

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