New North American Service Partners

December 4, 2019

new north american service partnersOver the past year, five new HEIDENHAIN Service Partners have been established in various U.S. regions to assist in reducing wait times and costs for in-field service calls. As part of HEIDENHAIN’s ongoing “Customer First” initiative, these new North American Service Partners are providing stronger local connections for HEIDENHAIN customers, and ultimately reducing downtime and overall equipment cost of ownership which typically includes lower travel costs for service.

The best way to access one of these partners is to contact HEIDENHAIN’s Technical Support office at 847-490-0351. Once a need for a particular service is determined, the proper Service Partner is selected and provided. Current new regional Service Partners include:

West Coast
• ATech Authority
• Innovative Machining Solutions
• Northwest Metrology

• Morlin Inc.

East Coast
• GE Van Wert

“We are in the process of establishing even more HEIDENHAIN Service Partners in North America as reoccurring geographical needs become evident,” explained David Fuson, HEIDENHAIN’s Service Manager for North America. These partners are named after completing HEIDENHAIN’s training requirements and are responsible for maintaining their own equipment and handling assigned area servicing. Each Service Partner is selected based on a variety of factors.

All service calls forwarded from HEIDENHAIN’s technical support lines are logged and reviewed in order to support full customer satisfaction. “Many of our end user customers have recently stated that this service partner network has already made a positive impact on their business,” said Fuson. “They have seen decreased costs and wait time for field service, which in emergent situations is utmost importance.”

HEIDENHAIN management continues to encourage the development of this new service network which is already beginning to create new contacts for future customer engagements. “We are now also reviewing the possible launch of additional Service Partners in Texas/Oklahoma and Colorado regions to enable even faster onsite response there,” shared Fuson.

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