June 28, 2021

New highly-accurate LIKselect encoder

SCHAUMBURG, IL (June 2021) – The new LIKselect kit-style linear encoder is designed to make machine motion design ideas come to life while saving valuable space and enabling precise positioning within its control loop. Available now from NUMERIK JENA in North America as part of the HEIDENHAIN group, this miniature three-field scanning sensor is offered with a variety of different frame designs, allowing the LIKselect to be deeply integrated into the heart of even the most complex machine system designs.

With selectable accuracies of ±3 μm/m or ±5 μm/m on a 20 μm pitch scale, the LIKselect encoder is equipped to handle super high accuracy positioning tasks, while its 16mm x 8mm x 2.2mm takes up little real estate on the machine.

See VIDEO highlighting an application and more.

Many useful features are offered in the LIKselect including:

New three-field scanning technology with improved signal quality

  • Highly compact and configurable scanning unit
  • 20 µm grating period and measuring steps down to 78.125 nm
  • No phase and offset errors
  • Standard Incremental Interfaces: 1 VPP, TTL, or RS-422
  • Very low power consumption and heat accumulation
  • Electronic adjustment capability after mounting to reduce static mounting errors

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NUMERIK JENA is part of the HEIDENHAIN group, and is based in Jena, Germany with North American representation and distribution through HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION in Schaumburg, IL, USA (www.heidenhain.us). Established in 1970 and originating as part the Carl Zeiss enterprise, NUMERIK JENA is known worldwide for offering high quality compact linear and rotary encoders for positioning of implements and work parts in high precision settings.

High-resolution photo available here.

VIDEO: https://www.heidenhain.us/addl-materials/videos/1622190525108.mp4

Product contact:
Stuart Graham, Business Development Specialist

Media contact:
Kathleen Herrmann