New EnDat 3: Future of Digital Manufacturing

September 2, 2020

EnDat 3Globally-recognized encoder interface to serve as a universal industrial solution


With the introduction of the new EnDat 3 interface, HEIDENHAIN has built upon its proven EnDat platform with a new protocol that is ideal to meet the feedback needs of the future in industrial manufacturing. This includes serving the needs of the newest innovations in machine digital drive systems as well as for position control loops with position encoders for measurement feedback.

The EnDat 3 interface is now available for implementation at drive and control companies with encoders beginning to be released later this year. Transmission over this new serial interface has proven to be both dependable and faster than ever, and can also include additional data such as motor-specific parameters and sensor information. Its extensive diagnostics and the inclusion of encoders in troubleshooting routines ensure very high system reliability.

Existing features and benefits have established EnDat as a standard and globally recognized interface for position encoders in the machine tool, electronics and automation industries. With a broad, multi-supplier portfolio of encoders featuring various measuring principles, machine and equipment manufacturers are sure to find the right EnDat encoder for their specific application/requirements. Click here to see important Endat 3 interface features per industry.

Future of Digital Manufacturing

In order to carry forward the right features and benefits of EnDat interface into the future of digital manufacturing, EnDat 3 relies on a new architecture that not only preserves proven technology but also maintains the best possible continuity and compatibility with its previous versions.

Some of the new features with EnDat 3 include:

  • EnDat 3Hybrid single-cable transmission
  • Bus topologies
  • Multiple sensor capability: flexible data contents and sensor box integration
  • Functional safety: black-channel communication
  • Higher data bandwidth
  • Definable send lists
  • System installation: introduction of access levels.

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