Jaw-Dropping Facts in Motion Control #3

September 2, 2020

In the second installment of this new column, HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION presents motion control technologies as jaw-dropping facts in order to highlight how incredibly far we have come in the world of precision measurement. Advances in motion control technology continue to boggle the mind. We are incredibly lucky to have a front row seat at the show of rapidly developing motion control precision measurement creations, from working with small components that offer tiny nanometer measurements as discussed in the first column to extraordinarily large torque motors that propel equipment in ways never before possible.

Here is just one such fantastic massive example.

jaw dropping facts #3

ETEL’s four-foot diameter TMB+ Torque Motor (outside) versus its smallest motor of six inches (inside).

Jaw-Dropping Fact #3

By Brian Zlotorzycki, Business Development Specialist, ETEL Motors

Often in the past, when a motor application required a large degree of torque, manufacturers often had to custom build a direct drive motor to reach their requirements. But not users who know about the ETEL TMB+ torque motor that has a maximum diameter of over 4 feet (1.3 meters), outputting a maximum torque of around 43,000Nm!

This ETEL torque motor is called the TMB+1221 and, whereas most direct drive motor lines tend to only get as large 2 to 2.6 feet, the enormous TMB+1221 is offered as a completely standard product, purchasable the same way as any other size. This includes all the same options as its other smaller variations, such as options of five different heights, four winding options, and closed cooling availability.

ETEL torque motors of this size are already in the field and can be found worldwide. This includes within many largest-scale machine tool rotary tables where the giant metal parts are cut, including for the aerospace industry. These giant torque motors can also be found on grinding machines that make gears used on oil rigs. Another common use is in large scale telescopes where heavy payloads need to be moved with the precision and reliability that direct drive motors provide, to name just a few.

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