February 2, 2023

Introducing HEIDENHAIN & ACU-RITE education support for manufacturing

SCHAUMBURG, IL (February 2023) – To assist in training the next generation of manufacturing professionals, ACU-RITE is offering deep discounts on its line of DRO’s and MILLPWR G2 CNC retrofit packages.

Offering DRO systems for your mill, lathe, grinder and EDM as well as the MILLPWR G2 control package for your knee mill.

Additionally, HEIDENHAIN is offering a collection of educational services and products to meet the demands for today’s digitization of data in NC metalworking.  This worldwide initiative called the HEIDENHAIN Education Support Program (HESP) promises to bring the latest advancements on the shop floor to current classrooms of vocational training centers, universities, and corporate trainee programs.

Digital services and their remarkable speed are now commonplace and only growing.  With HESP, HEIDENHAIN is making its own important contribution to training the next generation of metalworkers by providing highly cost-effective, state-of-the-art resources to educators that can include computer programming stations, software and learning materials for fast and highly accurate milling and turning needs. HESP also includes offers to train the trainers at significantly reduced prices.

HEIDENHAIN’s programming stations are based on the same software foundation as its CNC controls, thus making them ideal vocational training tools to give students the confidence they need to program in the manufacturing world. HESP’s learning materials include practical course supplies for explaining complex topics, as well as support posters for the classroom.

Those that are familiar with HEIDENHAIN will especially appreciate the special opportunity for educators to obtain HEIDENHAIN’s Connecting Machining package of functions and its StateMonitor MDA software, as well as the option of its online HIT (HEIDENHAIN Interactive Training) program.  Full program details are available on the HESP microsite:  www.hesp.heidenhain.com

Email contact to find out more: HTA-HC@heidenhain.com

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Product contact:

Jonathan Dougherty, HEIDENHAIN Business Development Manager, Automation

jdougherty@heidenhain.com or 847-519-4218

Media contact:

Sarah Moreau, HEIDENHAIN Marketing Manager

smoreau@heidenhain.com or 847-519-4212